mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Patagonia trip

Hi everyone,
sorry if I have been absent from the blog these days, but I'm still on tour in South America. I wish you a late happy new year and happy holidays... how did you spend them? 
I had intensive days in Patagonia, seeing Perito Moreno glacier and having a relaxing time in Bariloche city. Now I still have some hot days to spend here in Buenos Aires and overall I'll take part to my boyfriend's brother wedding! 
For now I post some photos of Patagonia ... do not look at my unfashion look because my luggage was lost in the airport and I had nothing to wear! 
Hugs to all

7 commenti:

  1. A fabulous trip!!!! Amazing pics!!!

  2. ma che meraviglia!! la Patagonia è uno dei posti che più in assoluto mi piacerebbe vedere!!!!

  3. Che splendido paesaggio ... anche se immagino che le temperature non siano così invitanti ;)))

  4. Great pics! :)
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    Chic Factor Team

  5. Strepitoso questo viaggio ;)))