domenica 25 novembre 2012

New In: Prada wristlet clutch

My dear followers, 
here is the new little "baby" in my wardrobe: a Prada wristlet clutch!
It was love at first sight and I bought it on MyLuxury.Biz website...thanks to the outlet page I paid only half price for this bag.
What do you think about it?

lunedì 19 novembre 2012

Black & "Gold Simphony"

It's Monday today and an important business meeting is waiting for me... the excitement is there, but heels and maxi bag are my friends to proudly overcome the day!
As promised, you can also see how I wear STROILI ORO jewelry from Gold Symphony collection. 
Do you think it might be a suitable look for an Engineer like me?

sabato 17 novembre 2012

Stroili Oro Gift

A quick post to show you what I received a few days ago by Stroili Oro, don't you think they are beautiful?
They are part of the Fall Winter collection and I can not wait to wear them!

What do you think about it?

sabato 10 novembre 2012

Ericarrano earrings

Hello followers,
a warm sunny afternoon allowed me to still wear silky shorts and and black lace shoes for a little bit masculine look.
As a perfect match a black shoulder bag and a pair of Ericarrano earrings: if you like it I recommend you to visit  web site, where there are very special bijoux!

Soon you'll see a my new purchase which of course I love!

lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Gipsy skirt

Hi my followers, 
I'm finally back to post some pics about my outfits!
Let's start with you: tell me how are you and what did you do until these 4 months of absence from the blog...
I had some holidays for Halloween so I decided to spend some Autumn moments to the park before going to the cinema with my plissé skirt from Zara. It's seems a little bit "Gipsy Style" especially because I wear it with biker boots and a long necklace, but I love the result.

See you soon with the new outfit ;-)